"Eliminate 80% of work tasks & 10x your sales for a life you love!"

"Eliminate 80% of work tasks & 10x your sales for a life you love!"

We help you attract more leads, and convert them effortlessly 

Get More Clients.

With Less Hustle.

Discover Boutique Automations' "Automated Sales System" That Will Have You Selling $1K-$25K Coaching & Services Packages.

Prepare For A Business Revolution Where Your Profits Soar to New Heights In Less Than 4 Hours A Week!

This Is The Ultimate Destination For Busy Entrepreneur's Seeking More Sales, Higher Profits, And A Life They Adore.


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Harness the Magic of Automation for Effortless Lead Generation

3 Steps To 10x Your Sales

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Are you tired of chasing leads and spending countless hours on manual outreach?

Do you dream of having a steady stream of qualified prospects coming to you effortlessly?

Join us for a free training session where we'll reveal the secrets to setting up a simple automated lead system on Instagram.

Say goodbye to cold calling and hello to warm, ready-to-buy leads flooding your inbox.

In this training, you'll learn:

Crafting Irresistible Posts: Discover how to create attention-grabbing Instagram posts that prompt engagement. We'll teach you the power of using a simple call-to-action like "Leave a comment with 'Yes' to learn more!" to kickstart your automated lead generation process.

Automating Direct Messages: Learn how to set up automated direct messages that engage with users who comment on your posts. We'll show you how to politely invite them to provide their email address for more information about your services or products.

Building Your Email List: Once you've captured their email addresses, we'll guide you through the process of automatically sending them a welcome email with valuable content or offers.

Plus, we'll demonstrate how to seamlessly add them to your weekly email list for ongoing nurturing.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your lead generation strategy and reclaim your time.

Reserve your spot now and take the first step towards effortless lead generation on Instagram.

Too busy? Want the simple option?

You can have it all!

Sure, there is no "easy way to have a successful business".
But there is a SIMPLE WAY!

With a complete CRM system you can automate all your marketing in one place.

No more hacking "zaps" together, no more logging into 6 different systems to get 1 task done.

It’s Time for Instant Results

Copy. Paste. Boom

Get ready to earn over $20,000 a month with a simple, step-by-step funnel that's ready in under an hour. No more time wasted on ineffective strategies!

Our system is easy to use, simplifies the process, gives you everything in 1 place AND actually works!

Let My Clients Speak For Me....

Do you wonder why you can never get ahead?

Are business tasks overtaking personal life, limiting time for important business growth?

Are you confused by what will work?

Have you "tried everything" and still not getting off that hamster wheel?

Do you see others making money, but feel you can never get those results?

Struggling with new tech tools due to lack of familiarity or expertise?

Your Time is Precious—Don't Waste It!

Ready for a change?


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Living the dream

Free time... A chance to breath... A business that makes profit while you sleep....

Imagine if:

Your business ran seamlessly 24/7, helping you tap into global markets effortlessly?

You could accelerate your processes?

You could gain hundreds or even thousands of new leads a day?

More Clients

Less Hustle


Need help getting "everything" in life?

Need your business to make more profit and stop draining your time?
Looking for simple steps

to get the right systems in place?
This podcast will bring you the guidance you need to create the business you have always dreamt of.

Let Our Clients Speak For Us....


I can now rest easy knowing I have an email funnel that actually gets clicks and I have been getting at least 12 new discovery calls a week, and I can easily convert 66%. Before my automated funnel I was lucky to get 1 a week before.

Boutique Automations has changed my business and life!

Michelle Whitmann


The team at Boutique Automations has created a dream life for me. 12 weeks ago I was running the hamster wheel. Now I am booking my first holiday in 3 years. I have a clear goal. I have 3 funnels in place to give my potential clients all the information they need. By the time I get on a discovery call I have little to "sell".

My conversion rate is at 65%

Tonya Elder


If you don't currently have a funnel set up you are missing out!!!!
I now use IG to make money. I no longer spend my days desperately looking for new clients. I can take a day off knowing at least 5 people have booking into my course. And my new funnel means at least 25% of those people will do private coaching with me.

Athena Pappas


Can I expect results during my trial period?

Yes! You can get big results within 24 hours. We have had customers make $10,000 on day one! Follow our automation starter kit to get instant results.

Do I need to be tech savvy?

NO! This system has been designed to make your life easier! Everything is drag and drop. There are templates for everything. There are step-by-step guides. We even have a 78 year old using this as her first CRM marketing system.

Can you help me with automating my business?

Yes. Our system has been designed to be easy. We also offer DWY (Done-With-You) packages CLICK HERE. Get on a free call to find out how we can help.

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